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The Commitment

Reader, this vow is the most important and fulfilling one you will ever make. Receive healing from your past, understand your present, and assure your future by working on one relationship. You and God.

Author Johanna Andrews shares her personal testimony, experience, and the relevant scripture which helped her take a 360-turn from her previous days. Allow this book to guide you and to help you understand what this commitment can do for you. This commitment is a lifelong responsibility, one requiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be actualized. There is no other path around salvation, for the exclusive path is through Him. The Commitment is for believers, for skeptics and for those convinced of His nonexistence. Seek and solidify that relationship permanently and you shall reap the rewards that await you.

Don’t just sit there and wait for something to happen in your life. Rather, partake in this critical movement to a meaningful future and secure your place in eternity.